Uses of rice water for skin

Uses of rice water for skin

Rice water is rich in beauty nutrients that make it fantastic for both skin and hair. It is a wonderful way to hydrate, whiten, brighten and tone your skin. Rice water contains lots of benefits to your skin, it can be used as a mild cleaner as well as a toner to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. I love using rice in my skincare regime. I find rice water to be soothing and mild on the skin. In this post, I have listed the benefits as well as steps to make your own rice water toner.

How to make rice water toner

Things you will need

Take a clean bowl and add organic rice and water to it. Keep it aside for about 1 hour and then filter the water. Our rice water is ready to be used. Fill it in a spray bottle and refrigerate it.

Make sure to use organic rice because we don’t want a concoction of pesticides for our face.

To make fermented rice water, keep the collected rice water in room temperature for about 24 to 32 hours until it turns slightly sour.

Uses of rice water for skin


Shrinks large pores

Rice water has astringent properties that help to reduce the size of the pores. Take cold rice water and spray it all over face and pat it. Repeat this at least thrice a day to see a reduction on the size of the pores.

Reduces acne

Rice water has an enzyme that helps to heal acne. Mix equal portion of green tea powder and rice water and apply this all over your face and neck. This heals acne when used regularly.

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Soothes sunburn

Just like aloe vera, rice water has the ability to soothe sunburn. Rice water immediately cools down your skin and prevents the sunburn from getting worse with time. Apply rice water on sunburnt skin to calm down the skin.

Brightens the skin

Rice water is known for its skin brightening properties. Use rice water as a toner to brighten up your skin tone.

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