Hair mask for extreme hair growth

Hair mask for extreme hair growth

Hey guys.. I have shared lots of skin care DIY’s in my blog. Today am going to share DIY recipe related to hair care . This hair mask is super food for your hair. Blessed with dry and frizzy hair I always use products to tame down my frizz. After experiencing severe hair fall, I started using DIY hair treatments to strengthen my hair. Today I’m going to share hair mask recipe that I use to strengthen my hair and also to regrow my lost hair. (more…)

Anti ageing and anti acne Carrot ice cube for face

Anti ageing and anti acne Carrot ice cube for face

Hey girls…. Today am back with another DIY recipe. This time it is ice cube toner. This is extremely useful for people looking for anti ageing treatment. I’m not in my late 20’s to start with anti ageing skin care regime. But I use this for my acne treatment this Carrot ice cube helps in soothing my acne and also reduces my acne scars to a great extent. If you are some one who wants to fade some dark spots or scars then this remedy is highly beneficial for you guys. (more…)

How to prepare your hair for winter

You should treat your hair with hair masks every week end. Try not to skip this routine. Many girls suffer from dandruff problem during winter months.

Hey all.. Hope you all are having great day. Who doesn’t love to flaunt their silky smooth hair every day. But in winter it is really tough to maintain our hair. During the winter months, cold outside weather combined with dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your strands, leading to split ends and breakage. Winter welcomes dry and brittle hair with it. In winter we must take atmost care of our hair in order to maintain it healthy. So here are my suggestions to maintain healthy mane. (more…)

Gel eye pack to remove dark circle and puffy eyes

gel eye mask to remove dark circles

Hello readers!! Today am going to share gel eye mask that helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness. It also helps to treat tired eyes. Prolonged usage of mobile phones and laptop gave me mild dark circle, so i thought to take it seriously and treat my dark circle at beginning stage itself else it will be a tedious task to remove it. So i  finally used this gel mask after many trial and errors.  This eye mask has goodness of cucumber that helps to reduce puffiness and also reduces dark circles. With regular usage(read daily usage) you can surely notice huge difference. (more…)

Face wash powder to remove acne scars and pigmentation

Face wash powder

Hey guys.. Who doesn’t love to have flawless and radiant skin. But today’s pollution ruins our skin. I have tried hell lot of store bought product and those didn’t do any good for my skin. Even dermatocare products gave temporary results. At one point of time I was tired of using store bought products and I decided to try DIY products after seeing many hand made organic skin care brands. Those brands were expensive to use it on a daily basis and so I started using DIY products. After reading a lot I came to know about various natural ingredients and their usage. Now I believe in using DIY products and my skin and hair care routine has many DIY recipes . Today am sharing one such DIY recipe. (more…)