How to get rid of open pores and acne scars in 2 weeks

How to get rid of open pores and acne scars in 2 weeks

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Today am back with another DIY. Last week I was too busy that I hardly had time to have my food. Due to my busy schedule I didn’t post anything on my blog. I promise you guys that I post regularly without any excuses from now. Coming back to today’s post, today I will be sharing my DIY recipe to get rid of open pores and acne scars. Blessed with oily skin I have the issue of acne and open pores. After many trial and error I came up with this procedure that really helps in removing acne scars and open pores. The ingredients are readily available in our kitchen and it is super easy to prepare.
The procedure consists of 3 steps and they are,

  • Cleansing and exfoliating.
  • Toning.
  • Tightening face pack.


For cleansing and exfoliating, use the mixture of gram flour , fullers earth and rice flour. Both of these ingredients cleanses your skin and also prevents clogged pores. Am not using face wash for last 2 weeks, am using my very own face cleanser and it works pretty well for my acne prone oily skin. I will share that recipe with you soon in my blog. As of now am sharing this simple cleanser that helps with open pores and acne scars.


  • Gram flour- 2 spoons
  • Rice flour – 2 spoons
  • Multani mitti– 2 spoons

Mix the above ingredients and store it in an air tight container. To wash your face, take 1 spoon of cleanser and mix it with required amount of lemon juice and rose water to form a thick paste. Use this paste to wash your face. You can reduce the quantity of lemon juice and increase the quantity of rose water if you have sensitive skin. Use this cleanser to wash your face daily. If you don’t want to replace your face wash with this, then you can use this to wash your face at least once in a day instead of using it two times in a day.

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If you are allergic to lemon juice or if you don’t want to use lemon juice on your face, then use can use cucumber juice or rice water or green tea. These ingredients are also equally good.
You can store the dry face cleanser for more than 2 months in room temperature. So you can prepare a batch and store it, instead of preparing it every time you wash your face.


Toning is important step for those who are having open pores. People having smooth skin can skip their toning part but people with large pores must not skip this step. Many say that toning is not vital in skin care routine, but if you have open pores please don’t skip toning your skin. This DIY toner is easy to make and it is also effective in closing open pores.

How to get rid of open pores and acne scars in 2 weeks


  • Rice water [OR] Green tea [OR] Cucumber juice
  • Ice tray.

If you want to have smooth and glowing skin without large pores then take rice water. And If you want to prevent acne and shrink pores then take green tea. If you want to shrink large pores and also fade acne scars quickly then take cucumber juice. If you want you can alternate between cucumber juice, rice water and green tea. You can use cucumber juice for a week then rice water for 1 week and green tea for 1 week.
Pour the liquid of your choice in an ice tray and then freeze it. Now use this ice cube as toner in order to shrink your pores. Take ice in an thin cloth(you can even use use hand kerchief) and then massage it all over your face. Don’t use ice cubes directly on your skin. Always take ice cubes in a thin cloth and the massage it. Use atleast 2 ice cubes per day. Use this regularly and you will notice huge difference in 1 week. This may seem like a messy and long process but actually it is not that messy and long process, it actually takes 2 to 4 minutes to tone your skin.

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You can use this face pack once or twice a week to shrink your pores. If you have super oily skin like mine then you can also use this mask on alternate days, just make sure that the mask doesn’t dries completely on your skin if you plan to use it on alternate days.

How to get rid of open pores and acne scars in 2 weeks


  • Multani mitti – 1 to 2 spoons
  • Lemon juice / cucumber juice – required amount
  • Curd – required amount

Take multani mitti in a bowl and add Lemon juice / cucumber juice and curd to form a thick paste. You can adjust the quantity of curd and juice depending upon your liking. If you want your face pack to be thick then you can use less amount of juice and curd. If you like your face mask to be thick then you can use more amount of juice and curd.
Apply this mask all over face and then let it dry. Then wash your face with cold water and then follow it with toner.



As we all know multani mitti is known to remove excess oil from face thus reduces the chances for clogged pores and acne. It tightens the skin with regular usage. So it shrinks open pores if used regularly.


These flours are used to cleanse and exfoliate our skin. Gentle exfoliation on daily basis removes dead cells and makes our skin super smooth without ruining our skin. We cannot use store bought scrub on daily basis since they are too harsh to use it daily on our skin. Regular exfoliation helps in shrinking large pores also.

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Being rich in citric acid, lemon juice helps in shrinking our open pores and also fades away acne scars. It also removes excess oil from our skin.


Cucumber juice is an excellent astringent and it helps to reduce open pores. It also has skin lightening properties so it is useful in removing acne scars.


Rice water shrinks open pores and leaves our skin super smooth if used regularly. I’m using rice water for a while now trust me girls, my skin has never been this smooth. So i would suggest you to use rice water if you want to make your skin smooth.


Curd has AHA in it which helps in treating acne. It also soothes our skin. Curd makes our skin to look brighter. It doesn’t dry out the skin so it can be used by all skin types.

So these are the steps involved in shrinking open pores and removing acne scars. Follow this routine for at least 2 weeks for noticeable difference.

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  1. Very informative post. I will use this. Hey by Rice water u mean the boiled rice water?

    1. You have to wash 1 to 2 spoons of rice and then soak it in 1 cup of water…After 20 to 30 minutes the water turns cloudy… filter the water and this is the rice water

  2. Very nice DIYs. I regularly use the first one – gram flour, rice flour and multani mitti. And it works great…

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