Essential Oils For Skin Care

Essential oils for Skin Care

Essential oils are the favourite indulgence, and for good reason. They have much more to offer than just aromatherapy. Just as essential oils can be used to treat various skin issues, such as dry skin or excess sebum production, adding a few drops to your skincare routine can provide a wide range of advantages.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile plant extracts obtained through a variety of extraction processes. It is critical to select an essential oil that will benefit your skincare concerns and skin type. In addition, they must be diluted with carrier oils such as almond or jojoba oil. Here’s a quick rundown of the best essential oils for skin care and how to utilize them.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Skin Care

Which essential oil would you choose for your skin care regimen if you had so many options? If you’re perplexed, here’s a handy list of the top 5 essential oils for skin care. For the ultimate catalogue of essential oils, visit us at VedaOils UK and get a discount on your first purchase. 

  1. Lemon Essential Oil

If you want to improve the appearance of dull skin, Lemon Essential Oil is the one. This oil which is infused with the substantial advantages of lemon, has antiseptic, antibacterial, and carminative properties. It fades pigment and restores the radiance of your skin. Oh, and the bright, lemony perfume instantly lifts your spirits. We could all use a little of that.

  1. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is collected from the Geranium plant by a steam distillation process. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, both of which are tell-tale indications of ageing, while its characteristic floral perfume soothes your senses. On a larger scale, remaining devoted to this tiny person can relieve stress and reduce ageing.

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil
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Prepare to be swooned by this lovely lilliput. Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, Rosemary Essential Oil works as a progressive treatment for eczema, dermatitis, greasy skin, and acne. When you’re suffering from a hangover headache, a simple massage with this saviors can have you back on your feet in no time.

  1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

If you have oily skin, choosing the proper essential oils can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these oils: You only need to choose one that regulates sebum production, such as this one. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil soothes sensitive skin and promotes faster healing. Be aware: It may also lull you to sleep due to its anti-depressant and sedative qualities. Soak in the therapy before going to bed.

  1. Rose Essential Oil 

Do you need a pick-me-up? In addition to its adorable glass container, the Rose Essential Oil works quickly to revitalize your skin. The liquid’s anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties treat and protect the skin. With continuous application, it also helps to fade scars and blemishes. Talk about boosting the appearance of your skin.

How To Use Essential Oil For Skin

Considering essential oils are concentrated essences, it is best to perform a patch test before putting them on your face. You can test for irritation by rubbing a small amount of the diluted essential oil on the inside of your wrist after a few hours. If your skin still appears normal, the little bottle is officially yours to keep!


How To Use Essential Oils On Face

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Step 1: Combine 15 drops of essential oil and six tablespoons of carrier oil (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Sweet Almond Oil) in a cup. This ratio results in a 2.5% dilution.

Step 2: For direct application, soak a cotton swab in the solution and gently massage it across your face in circular motions. For indirect application, mix a few drops of this solution with your serum or toner before applying.

Step 3: Blot with tissue paper to absorb any remaining oil. P.S. If you want to unwind in a spa-like setting, add a few drops of these aromatic oils to your bath, grab your favourite book, and rest. Your skin will appreciate it.



Essential oils for the skin can be an excellent natural alternative to conventional skin care products. When used correctly, they can help to enhance the health and appearance of your skin. If you want to explore essential oils, make sure to do your research and get high-quality oils from a reliable source. Remember to always dilute your oils before applying them to your skin! Get the best essential oils for your skin from the most trusted source in the UK, visit us today at

FAQs: Essential Oils For Skin Care

Q1: Are Essential Oils Beneficial for Skin?

Ans: Essential oils cure damaged skin and nurture it deeply. Lavender oil and tea tree oil have anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help relieve the irritation and inflammation caused by skin disorders like acne, eczema, burns, and bug bites. It reduces wrinkles and hence improves skin look.

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Q2: Can I Use Essential Oils on My Skin Everyday?

Ans: DO NOT OVERDO IT. More of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. Even when diluted, essential oils can induce an adverse reaction if used excessively or frequently. This is true even if you are not allergic to them or are unusually sensitive to them.

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