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Hope you all are having a fun filled weekend. In my previous post I shared a simple DIY coffee scrub and today am going to review a product which is in the market for quite some time. From the title itself you know that this post is all about review of Spinz BB talc. Spinz is a famous brand in India well known for talcum powders and deodorants. Spinz came up with BB talc and am going to review it. I bought this BB talc when I went to supermarket to purchase some items, when I came across this BB talc I thought to give it a try and bought it. I am reviewing it today after using it for about 1 month so that I can sum up all its pros and cons. So read on more to know about the product.

spinz BB talc review


Rs 40 for 50 gm of product.


The BB talc comes in a skin colour sleek bottle that has talc in it. It is similar to other spinz talcum bottles. The container is of plastic and it is sturdy, so it is travel friendly.


The spinz BB talc claims to give instant glow and cover blemishes.


Refer image below.

spinz BB talc review


As I said before, am using it for more than 1 month and It didn’t cause any breakouts. In my opinion It doesn’t clog pores. It suits my sensitive oily skin. It has lovely fragrance which doesn’t bother me and it fades away soon. The BB talc is not white in color and it is in skin color which is really nice. I usually use this BB talc to set my BB cream or day cream. I have acne scars on my cheeks and this BB cream covers them partially, I don’t say that it covers my scars. The intensity of the scar is reduced when I apply this BB cream. I take little amount of powder and apply them all over face with a powder puff and it works fine that way. I don’t use any brush to use this powder.

spinz BB talc review

This BB talc controls oil for 3 to 4 hours which is not bad and also it makes our face bright without giving a white cast, So I think it is great for everyday use. But I think it may leave white cast on beauties with dusky skin. Girls with fair to medium skin tone can use this since it will suit them well. In my opinion, it is similar to lakme rose powder. Lakme rose powder has cool undertone whereas this has warm undertone in it. It can be used to set your makeup or you can use it as body powder or you can even use it to bake your face. This is an all in one loose powder. I love this BB talc a lot. It covers scars partially since it is slightly orange. Overall this is a good budget friendly product.


  • Makes skin brighter.
  • Affordable.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Cover scars partially.
  • Controls oil for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Multipurpose powder.
  • Doesn’t leave white cast on fair to medium skinned beauties.
  • Doesn’t clog the pores and breakout the skin.


  • May leave white cast on dusky skinned beauties.
  • Has only one shade.
  • Controls oil only for few hours.


It is a great face and body powder that cover minor imperfections and a great alternative to compact to set our makeup. It is perfect for everyday use.



Sorry for the not so clear images.

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