Flaxseed and turmeric face mask to remove acne marks and tan

Flaxseed and turmeric face mask to remove acne marks and detan the skin

Flaxseed is something that gained momentum in past few years. Everyone out there started including flaxseed in their diet owing to their fiber and omega fatty acids. Our skin can benefit from topical application of flaxseed. Flaxseed gel face mask has several benefits when used properly. Today I’ll be sharing flaxseed and turmeric face mask […]

5 ways in which you can include sweet almond oil in hair care routine

5 ways to include Sweet almond oil in hair care routine

A good hairstyle will make anyone presentable and well-groomed. To have a good hairstyle, one should have healthy and hydrated hair. While some are blessed with silky smooth hair naturally many are not blessed with silky hair. Sweet almond oil comes to the rescue when we are facing severe hair-related issues. In this post, I […]

Coffee and Soy face mask to remove spots -DIY

Coffee and soy face mask to remove dark spots and tan

Coffee based skincare is on the trend now and every other brand includes caffeine as their major ingredient in their skin and hair care products. While caffeine is not a great ingredient in drinks, it is a great ingredient in skincare products. Coffee loaded with caffeine, provides numerous benefits to skin when applied topically. Today […]