Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan

Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan

When we hear the word ice what comes to our mind, yummy ice candies, favorite soft drinks with ice and ice goals. These ice are not good for our throat but these ice cubes are extremely beneficial for our skin. I have already shared anti ageing carrot ice cube recipe in my blog, you can read it here. Today am here with ice cube DIY that helps to remove scars and pigmentation from skin easily. This also helps to keep your skin even toned. Though the climate is not sunny to treat your skin with ice cubes, this will be useful for your skin.

Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan


  • Potato – 1
  • Milk – 5 spoons
  • Lemon essential oil – 3 to 5 drops (optional)

Take 1 potato and cut them into pieces. Now blend them in blender. Strain the juice.

To the potato juice, add the milk and mix them well. Add lemon essential oil if you are using.

Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan

Pour them in ice cube tray and then freeze them.

Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan

Our potato and milk ice cube is ready.



When we hear the word potato what comes to our mind… a fat and round veggie comes to our mind. But this not so good looking vegetable makes your skin vibrant and good looking.

Potato juice is rich in vitamin C. Yes you read it right. Whenever we hear vitamin C orange and lemon comes to our mind. But potato is also rich in vitamin C. Potato juice thus helps to hydrate your skin.

Potato has skin bleaching properties. This is not like chemical bleach. Potato helps you to even tone your skin and keep it blemish free. This also helps to clear your tan and scars.

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Potato juice prevents ageing sign and wrinkles. Potato also contains vitamin A and B which helps to clear any pigmentation. It also contains catecholase enzyme that helps to remove pigmentation and scars faster than any other natural ingredient.

The starch content of potato not only removes tan and pigmentation but also helps to bring natural glow to your skin. It slows down ageing process.

Potato juice helps to reduce acne. It dries acne without leaving scars. Thus this ingredient is useful for all skin concerns.


Every one must be aware of the benefits of milk for our skin. Milk helps to remove sun tan and it also soothes inflammation caused by sun burn. Milk moisturizes your skin and so this is extremely useful to make your skin glowing and radiant. Moisturized skin has natural glow.

Milk calms sensitive skin. Milk also repairs aged skin. When your skin starts to show ageing sign, then it is important to include milk in skin care routine since milk has the capacity to repair aged cells.

Milk is also said to lighten one’s skin tone. This removes scars and pigmentation effectively. It helps to shed pigmented cells. Like potato juice, milk is also a bleaching agent.

The lactic acid present in milk acts as a mild exfoliant. It removes excess dead cells from your face and thus giving bright skin. In some cases milk is proved to treat acne also. Milk purifies and rejuvenates your skin. With regular usage you can even shrink large pores.

Lemon essential oil

If you suffer from acne, then lemon essential oil helps to prevent and cure acne. Lemon essential oil is rich in vitamin C and anti oxidant properties that boosts collagen production.

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Lemon essential oil delays ageing process. This makes it perfect for mature skin. Removes excess oil from face and unclogs your pores.

Lemon essential oil helps to lighten your skin and it also even tones your skin. It removes blackheads effectively. Lemon essential oil is an excellent antiseptic ingredient which makes it perfect to prevent skin issues.


  • Potato ice cubes helps to treat sun burn and inflammation.
  • Potato-milk ice cube hydrates your skin thus making it suitable for dry skin.
  • It treats acne and pimples effectively. Like every other ice cube, this also reduces size and redness of pimples.
  • This ice cube  prevents white heads and black heads.
  • It reduces heat and gives cooling sensation to skin and eyes thus making our skin look fresh.
  • It removes dark spots, scars and tan from your skin in short span of time.
  • Potato ice cube lightens hyper pigmentation effectively with regular usage.
  • Ice cube shrinks pores and regulates the production of sebum.
  • Potato ice cube even tones your skin and provides healthy glow.


Take 1 potato ice cube in a thin cloth (you may also use clean hand kerchief) and massage it all over face and neck after cleansing your face. Let the juice sit on your face for atleast 5 minutes and then wash your wash with plain water. Use 1 or 2 potato ice cubes per day. You will notice the difference in 2 weeks. Don’t rub the ice cubes directly over your skin. Using 1 ice cube at a time is sufficient.

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Potato and milk ice cube to remove pigmentation, scars and tan

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