Moolit rose and saffron harmonising hydrogel review

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Today I’m going to review a hydrogel that works perfectly for all skin types. Blessed with oily skin and acne prone skin it is really tough to find a moisturizer that suits my skin. Recently my skin and scalp turned super oily that my face always looks oily and dull. So I try to use a lightweight moisturizer. This hydrogel is once such moisturizer that suits my oily skin well. I have already reviewed the sea buckthorn cleansing cream from this brand you can check it out here.


Rs 750 for 50gm. You can buy this by sending a message to the Instagram account @moolitbeauty here.


6 months.


Aloe vera gel, chironji seed oil, rose absolute and saffron absolute.


The rose and saffron hydrogel comes in a sturdy 50gm amber glass bottle. The bottle is sturdy and looks good. Though I don’t prefer traveling with this since it is a glass jar.


I absolutely love the texture of this rose and saffron hydrogel. It has a fluffy silky gel like texture and sinks into our skin within seconds. The texture is really lightweight that you don’t feel like you have applied anything on your face. It moisturizes my oily skin perfectly. The next best part about this is its smell. As soon as you open the lid you are welcomed with a sweet rose smell. It lingers for some while and sometimes I just open this jar to smell the hydrogel. I love its aroma.

Moolit rose and saffron harmonising hydrogel review


I use this in my morning skincare routine. After cleansing and toning my face, I take a little amount of this rose and saffron hydrogel and dot it all over my face and neck. Then I massage this for few seconds and it gets absorbed into my skin and then I follow with my SPF.

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I am using this moolit rose and saffron harmonizing hydrogel for past 1 month. Initially, I didn’t find any huge difference in my skin but after 2 weeks I can see that my skin has become a little brighter. It moisturizes my skin without leaving it greasy.

Moolit rose and saffron harmonising hydrogel review

Most of the moisturizers cause congested skin but this didn’t leave my skin congested. When I apply this hydrogel, my skin feels matte for half an hour. I love how my skin feels when I apply this.

I don’t say that this controls excess sebum. My skin turns oily after 2 hours. Also, I find that this can’t serve as a stand-alone moisturizer for dry skinned beauties. Dry skinned girls can use this as a serum instead of using this as a stand alone moisturizer.


  • Doesn’t feel greasy.
  • Has goodness of rose and saffron.
  • Vegan.
  • Suits oily and acne prone skin well.
  • Brightens the skin


  • Expensive
  • The glass jar is not travel-friendly.
  • Not moisturizing enough for dry skin.


Will I recommend?

Yes. If you have extremely oily skin like mine and every other moisturizer clogs your pores.

Will I repurchase?

Not sure. I love to try new products. I may repurchase this if I don’t find any non-greasy moisturizer.

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