How to get rid of dull skin and get clear and glowing skin naturally

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Hope you all are doing well. I have posted a DIY about how to lighten your underarms in my previous post and today am back with another DIY. Today am going to share a DIY recipe that will give you clear and glowing skin. If you have dull and lifeless skin then this DIY is for you guys. I have to tell you 1 thing guys, whenever you follow any DIY remedy you must give it atleast 2 weeks to show visible results. Though all the natural ingredients are potent, they are mild to show you the results within 2 days. So always be consistent when you are trying any DIY. So this is all I want to say guys. Try this DIY for atleast 2 weeks regularly and comment your experience guys, this will help the readers to know about this DIY better. Let’s move on to the DIY recipe.


Multani mitti 1 spoon Multani mitti 1 spoon
Neem powder 1 spoon Neem powder 1 spoon
Lemon peel powder ¾ spoon Lemon peel powder ¾ spoon
Sandal wood powder 1 spoon Sandal wood powder 1 spoon
Wild turmeric ¼ spoon Wild turmeric ¼ spoon
Sweet almond oil Few drops Aloe vera gel ¼ spoon
Rose water/drinking water To make a paste Rose water/drinking water To make a paste


You can select the ingredients according to your skin type. If you have active acne, then you may add 1 r 2 drops of tea tree oil. If you have pure rose water then you may use it, or if you have Dabur Gulab jal (which is distilled water with fragrance and a negligible amount of rose oil) then it is well and good to use your drinking water.


Take a clean bowl and spoon. Add 1 spoon of Multani mitti to it. Now add 1 spoon of neem powder and ¾ spoons of lemon peel powder to this.

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clear and glowing skin diy

clear and glowing skin diy clear and glowing skin diy

Now add sandalwood powder. I’m using red sandalwood powder since I have it. It is equally good to use your normal Chandan (white sandal wood powder).

clear and glowing skin diy

Now add turmeric to it. (I forgot to click the image).

Mix these ingredients well until everything is evenly mixed. Transfer this to an airtight container.

clear and glowing skin diy

This will last you easily for 1 week. You can even double or triple the quantity and store it since this has the shelf life of 6 months due to the presence of neem and haldi.

Next comes the important part, application.


Take a ½ spoon or 1 spoon of the mixture that we have made in a clean bowl.

clear and glowing skin diy

If you have dry skin then add few drops of sweet almond oil to it(if you don’t have sweet almond oil, then you can substitute it with cold milk). Then add required amount of rose water to it so that it attains the desired consistency.

If you have Oily skin the add ¼ spoons of aloe vera gel to it. Then add required amount of rose water to it so that it attains the desired consistency.

clear and glowing skin diy

Our DIY is ready now. You have to use this every day in order to see the result.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture all over your face and neck. Since we are using it every day, don’t let them dry completely. Leave it for about 5 to 8 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. Repeat this once every day and you will see clear and glowing skin.

This will suit all skin types and these ingredients are extremely potent and it will give you the required results within 20 days.



Multani mitti is used in skin and hair care for a very long time.  It fights acne and pimples effectively. Regulates sebum production. Multani mitti cleanses your skin by removing dirt, sweat and excess oils. It treats pigmentation and tanning. Multani mitti regulates blood circulation which in turn gives you radiant and glowing skin.  It is an effective ingredient in treating sunburn and infections.

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As everyone knows, neem is an excellent anti-microbial ingredient which keeps skin infections at bay. It kills acne causing germs and bacteria effectively thus maintaining the health of the skin. Like Multani mitti, neem powder also improves blood circulation and thus it gives glowing skin if used regularly. Neem removes scars and pigmentation effectively.

Whenever we want to remove any scar or pigmentation, we tend to use turmeric, saffron, potato, lemon and many other ingredients, but neem is an excellent ingredient to remove spots, pigmentation, and scars. If your skin is sensitive and suffer from rashes every now and then, then neem is your best friend to remove it.

Neem reduces the appearance of blackheads. If we incorporate neem in skin care routine then you will notice the reduction in blackheads. If used regularly, you will hardly notice any blackheads.

Neem treats skin dryness. It regulates sebum production without making your skin too oily. If you have dry skin, then you will have soft and plump skin by using neem. Neem delays signing age and it prevents dark circle. So neem is a must have ingredient in your skin care products.


Lemon peel is rich in Vitamin C and it helps to even tone your skin. If you have acne issues, then lemon peel powder helps to remove it faster. It fades hyperpigmentation and scars due to its skin lightening properties. The anti-oxidant present in the lemon peel is higher than that the lemon juice has, so it is extremely beneficial to remove age spots and it also delays aging signs.

Whenever we hear the word lemon, we imagine dry skin but lemon peels actually hydrate your skin without stripping natural oils from your skin. Lemon peels exfoliate your skin gently thus giving you a clear skin.

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Sandal wood powder removes blemishes and uneven skin tone. In some cases, it even removes warts caused by HPV viruses. It prevents pimples and acne like any other ingredients used in this DIY. sandal powder removes sun tan if used regularly. It heals dry skin effectively since it has natural oils that moisturise your skin. Sandal wood powder enhances skin brightness and glow.


Wild turmeric which is also known as Kasturi manjal helps to remove facial hairs (it takes longer time). It enhances your complexion and gives a beautiful glow to your skin. Wild turmeric keeps skin infections at bay. It regulates oil production thus controls the oil production in oily skin. With regular usage, wild turmeric has the ability to make you look younger. It treats skin tanning and pigmentation.


Sweet almond oil gives you a flawless skin. It deep cleanses your skin and in some cases it prevents acne. It removes sun tan and pigmentation. Sweet almond oil has anti-oxidant properties that delay aging signs. It makes your skin glowing naturally. It removes dullness from the skin.


Aloe vera gel soothes sunburn and hydrates your skin. It accelerates cell regeneration thus helps to get rid of dull skin. It fights against aging and skin infections. Aloe vera gel lightens blemishes and scars. It hydrates oily skin well. Aloe vera gel helps to cleanse your face. It removes dull skin like nobody’s business.

So this is all about this DIY. Do try this and let me know the results in the comments section below.

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  1. Looks like a nice DIY face pack for my oily skin. where do you get lemon peel powder?

    1. I used my homemade lemon peel powder but You can use store bought one also. You can buy lemon peel powder from Amazon.

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