Top 10 Turmeric face mask for all skin problems

Top 10 Turmeric face masks for all skin issues

I’m always enamored by how good it feels to pamper your skin. Most of us can’t afford expensive spa facials—or fancy beauty products—but it doesn’t mean we have to go without the luxury or benefits of these treatments! Not only does turmeric have amazing healing properties, but it’s also a great beauty product. Indian brides […]

Homemade Cleansing grains for acne marks – DIY

Homemade Cleansing grains for acne marks - DIY featured

I love cleansing grains! They’re  a 3-in-1 method of cleansing, exfoliating and masking in one step. Cleansing grains keep your complexion glowing by cleansing and removing the top layer of skin which is nothing more than dead skin cells, without stripping away your acid mantle. Exfoliating allows for your facial oils and creams to be […]

Acne clearing clay face mask

Acne clearing clay face mask

Our skin is the most sensitive organ and is exposed to various conditions. Skin impurities will lead to skin infections, ultimately leading to skin diseases. The other skin problems include skin dryness, acne, tanning, blemishes and dark spots. I have shared simple DIY acne clearing clay face mask. THINGS YOU WILL NEED Aloe vera gel – […]