5 Skincare mistakes that you should stop doing

It might sound simple but looking after your facial skin is a beauty minefield. We may all know that sleeping in our make-up is a huge no-no, but what about the perils of overusing products. In this post, I have shared 5 skincare mistakes that you should stop doing.

Skincare Mistake 1 – Improper Morning Cleanse

We tend to over wash our skin leaving it dry or irritated. When it comes to cleansing our facial skin in the morning, it is better not to use our foaming cleansers.

Mild cleansing grains or honey will help gently cleanse your skin without irritating skin.


If we wash your face incorrectly, we destabilize the functions of the outer layer of the skin which is known as theHoney cleanse brick wall’. This wall is formed from dead skin cells (bricks) and an emulsion our skin produces (mortar) that holds the ‘bricks’ together.

The purpose of this brick wall is to prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin as well as have the good bacteria on your skin to fight the bad stuff. If we destabilize the functions of the wall, we will cause moisture to escape from the skin leaving the skin too dry, as well as being more prone to impurities/zits, as there are no good bacteria to fight off the bad ones.

Skincare Mistake 2 – Over Application Of Products

Many of us use skincare products more than our skin needs. Feel and touch every part of your face. See where your skin is oily and where it is dry. Use products accordingly.

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You don’t want to layer your skin with a hydrating toner unless your skin is dehydrated. You don’t want to mix any carrier oils with your moisturizer unless your skin feels less moisturized post using the moisturizer alone.

skincare mistake 2

Less is more when it comes to skincare. Using an excessive amount of products is not doing good to your skin in any way.

If you have combination skin, use thick creams on areas where your skin is dry and use water-based serums or gels on your T zone. Know which part of your skin needs hydration and moisturization.

Skincare Mistake 3 – Over Exfoliation

Over exfoliation is something that many of us do unknowingly. The top layer of our skin is there to protect the skin from bacteria. If you exfoliate too often ie daily – this protection is removed which can lead to skin irritation or age spots. Only exfoliate if your skin is looking dull or flaky. If you are using cleansing grains to cleanse your skin every morning, then you don’t have to exfoliate every week. You can reduce the frequency to once in 20 days.5 Skincare mistakes that you should stop doing

Skincare Mistake 4 – Not Cleansing Along Your Hairline

You always apply foundation and sweep your bronzer along your forehead, high up on your cheeks, and down your neck for a seamless, natural-looking effect. So if you don’t also cleanse in those areas, then all that makeup is still sitting on your skin overnight. Which, as you already know, can lead to acne.5 Skincare mistakes that you should stop doing

So not cleansing along your hairline might be the reason for those tiny bumps on the forehead. Also, you might end up getting fungal acne if you don’t wash the hairline area if you are prone to dandruff.

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Skincare Mistake 5 – Not Washing Your Makeup Tools

Try to remember to wash your makeup brushes every two weeks or so with baby shampoo. Makeup brushes hold on to a lot of things besides your makeup, like bacteria and dead skin cells. And if you use a beauty blender- clean that even more often.5 Skincare mistakes that you should stop doing

The beauty blender is used in a damp environment and is the breeding ground for bacteria, so clean your makeup tools to keep your skin free from acne and other infections.

So are you guys guilty of some of these mistakes too? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye out for my next post!


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