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Hope you all are having a fun filled weekend. In my previous post I shared a simple DIY coffee scrub and today am going to review a product which is in the market for quite some time. From the title itself you know that this post is all about review of Spinz BB talc. Spinz is a famous brand in India well known for talcum powders and deodorants. Spinz came up with BB talc and am going to review it. I bought this BB talc when I went to supermarket to purchase some items, when I came across this BB talc I thought to give it a try and bought it. I am reviewing it today after using it for about 1 month so that I can sum up all its pros and cons. So read on more to know about the product.

spinz BB talc review


Rs 40 for 50 gm of product. (more…)


Hello Angels….

Hope you are having happy weekend. Today am going to share a quick easy DIY Coffee  scrub recipe that works for all skin types. Scrubbing is mandatory for everyone irrespective of their skin types. If you don’t exfoliate your skin for a longer time, your skin becomes dull and lifeless. So it is important to include scrub in your skin care regimen. There are many scrubs out there for all skin types but I prefer DIY scrub over the store bought one since most of our skin is sensitive to the store bought scrubs, mainly if you have acne prone skin in fact it will aggravate the acne problem. So I recommend you to use DIY scrub that suits your skin types. The ingredients used in this scrub are all natural and it will suit most of the skin types.

My skin type – Sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.

coffee scrub



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Today am going to share with you all a hack that helps you to have a glowing skin. We all take care of our skin and follow skin care routines to have a healthy skin. But at times a small hack can make drastic change in your skin’s texture. Today am going to share with a simple yet effective skin care hack to have a glowing skin.Trust me guys this hack really works and will give glowing skin within few weeks.  Beauties of all skin types can follow this hack. Sensitive skinned beauties can do a patch test before using it all over your face. So let’s get started.



Hello Readers
Hope you all are having a great weekend. Every girl likes to wear shorts and knee length dresses during summer. But it results in unpleasant tan on hands,legs and even on face and neck even if you use sunscreen. There are many store brought product to remove tan but we can’t say that it is 100% effective and safe on our delicate skin.So it is better to use natural ingredients to treat our skin.I personally prefer natural products over store bought one. If you are looking for a natural yet effective DIY for tan removal then you are at the right place.You can also use this to remove tan from leg and hands.So lets move on to the DIY face pack.tan removal+ (more…)