Papaya fruit face mask for bright tan free skin- with images

papaya mask for bright skin

Hey guys
Hope you all are having great weekend. Today am back with another post and this post is a DIY. Recently my skin started to remain dull and lifeless despite of following strict skin care regime. Then I changed my skin care routine with my DIY products and trust me girls, now my skin is feeling better and it is healing from the acne. Initially I don’t believe in DIY masks and skin care stuffs. Later with usage I started believing in DIY product over store bought one. First I used to run after store bought products if my skin breaks out or if my skin gets out of control. But now a days am towards DIY products whenever my skin is troublesome. OKĀ  I revamp my blabbering here, lets move to the DIY recipe. (more…)

Makeup kit for beginners – PART 1

.Hello Lovelies… Hope you all had a great diwali. Today am back with another article but this time it is not a review or a DIY. Today I came up with a beginners makeup kit article. You must have seen many affordable beginners makeup kit in you tube and in many other blog. I thought to share few products for viewers who are beginners, looking for a guide to choose make up products correctly. So read on more to see the product recommendations. When we say beginners makeup kit, affordable products comes to our mind. Since affordable products gives you the freedom to practice without thinking much.If you buy expensive products, you will end up wasting the product by practicing. So it is advised to buy affordable products as a beginner. Read my tips before choosing products since I have made bunch of mistakes while choosing products as a beginner. So i can help you in avoiding such mistakes.

makeup kit for beginners (more…)

Lever ayush anti marks turmeric face cream review

Hey everyone…Hey everyone…Hope you all doing great. Today am back again with a review. Now a days am trying hell lot of skin care products and DIYs so you can expect more review and DIY in my blog in upcoming days. OK today’s post is all about review of Lever ayush anti marksĀ  turmeric face cream. I bought this to fade my acne scars since I have acne scars on my cheeks. I used it for 1 month and am not going to use this anymore. So read on more to know why.

Lever ayush anti marks turmeric face cream


Rs 65 for 25 gm of product. (more…)

Banjara’s tan free multani + Orange face wash review

banjara's tan free face wash orange + multani

Hello people…
Today I’m going to share my review on one of my current favorite products. The product that am going to talk about is Banjara’s tan free face wash with orange and multani. I have already used this before and I thought to share my views on it with you guys. Earlier I used this face wash regularly and then suddenly it was not available for quite sometime. (more…)