Hey all… Today am back with review of another product. I didn’t post anything in my blog for past 1 week due to my busy schedule. Today I had some free time and so am here with a post. I love trying different soaps and so I keep on buying new soaps every now and then. So you can find reviews of soaps in my blog. I bought lever ayush natural fairness saffron soap and am using it for quite some time now so that I can review the soap properly. lets get into the review.

Lever ayush natural fairness soap review


Rs 31 for 100 gm of soap.


2 Years.


Composition: Each 10 gm contains saffron 1mg, kumkumadi tailam 5mg.
Excipients : soap base q.s
Colours: cl 11680, cl 12490.


The Lever ayush natural saffron soap is formulated with 5000 years of ayurvedic wisdom for fair and glowing skin. It contains the goodness of saffron and kumkumadi tailam.

Lever ayush natural fairness soap review


The Lever ayush natural fairness soap comes in a cardboard box that has all necessary information in it. The colour of the soap is pleasing. Personally I love the fragrance of the soap.


Though I have a oil rich face, my body skin is extremely dry. So I always look for soaps that doesn’t dry out my skin. I didn’t expect this soap to give fairness to my skin nor it does. I bought this soap just to cleanse my body skin. We cannot expect any soaps to give fairness, since the purpose of the soap is to cleanse our skin.

Lever ayush natural fairness soap review
I use this soap to cleanse my body skin everyday. Lever ayush natural fairness soap lathers pretty  well.This soap doesn’t dry out my skin like some other soaps. I love how this soap cleans my skin without drying out my skin. Lever ayush natural fairness soap doesn’t melt quickly like many other herbal soaps.It doesn’t dry out my skin nor moisturizes my skin. I’m using this soap for 1 month and I don’t see any increases fairness in my skin. It just does it’s work of cleansing my skin without drying. If you want a soap to provide fairness, then this is not for you. Maybe If we use this soap for very long time we can see increased fairness in our skin. Overall I like this soap.


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